Revolt of Satnamis against Aurangzeb


The Satnamis were originally a militant sect of Hindu worshippers. Mewar and Narnol were their chief centres. Khafi Khan gives the following description about them: “These men dressed like devotees, but they nevertheless carried on agriculture and trade, though their trade is on a small scale.

In the way of their religion, they have dignified themselves with the title of ‘good name’, this being the meaning of Satnami. They are not allowed to acquire wealth in any but a lawful calling. It any one attempts to wrong of oppress them by force, or by exercise of authority, they will not endure it. Many of them have weapons or arms.”

There was a special reason why the religious-minded Satnamis revolted against the Mughal Authority. A Satnami Cultivator was murdered by a Mughal Piada or foot-soldier. The Satnamis hit back and practically killed the foot-soldier. After that, they revolted. “The quarrel soon took a religious colour and assumed the form of a war for the liberation of the Hindus by an attack on Aurangzeb himself.” The Faujdar of Narnol was also defeated. The situation became serious and ultimately Aurangzeb sent Radandaz Khan and other Generals against the Satnamis and thus it was that they were crushed.

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