24 Important Questions on Aurangzeb


1. How many sons Aurangzeb had ?

Ans. Four sons-(i) Mohammad Moazzam, (ii) Shah Ala (iii) Kam Baksh and (iv) Akbar.

2. Which title did Aurangzeb assume after ascending the throne ?


Ans. Jahangir.

3. What kind of Muslim Aurangzeb was ?

Ans. An orthodox Sunni Muslim.

4. Under which leadership the Jats of Mathura revolted against Aurangzeb ?


Ans. Gokal Jat in 1669 AD.

5. The Bundelas of Bundelkhand revolted against the religious policy of Aurangzeb under whose leadership?

Ans. Champat Rai.

6. Who established his independent rule in Bundelkhand during the .reign of Aurangzeb ?


Ans. Chhatrsal.

7. Under whose leadership did Maratha take up the arms against the religious policies of Aurangzeb ?

Ans. Shivaji.

8. Aurangzeb sent whom to crush the Marathas ?


Ans. Shaista Khan, his maternal uncle in 1663 AD.

9. Who ordered the killing of the ninth Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh ?

Ans. Aurangzeb in 1675 AD.

10. Who was Guru Gobind Singh ?


Ans. He was the tenth Guru of Sikh and the son of ninth Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh.

11. Who founded the Khalsa Panth (sect) in Sikhism ?

Ans. The last and the tenth Guru Gobind Singh.

12. What kind of India Aurangzeb wanted ?

Ans. He wanted to convert Dar-ul-Harab into Dar-ul-lslam.

13. What was the term Dar-ul-Harab mean ?

Ans. A house of violence.

14. What was the term Dar-ul-Islam mean ?

Ans. A house of peace.

15. Which Mughal ruler discontinued the Jharokha Darshan ?

Ans. Aurangzeb.

16. Which Mughal ruler banned the music in the court ?

Ans. Aurangzeb.

17. Which Mughal ruler reimposed Jazia tax in 1679 AD ?

Ans. Aurangzeb.

18. Which Mughal ruler abolished the Nauroz festival ?

Ans. Aurangzeb.

19. Which Mughal ruler appointed the Muhtasibs (censorers of public morals) ?

Ans. Aurangzeb.

20. Which Mughal ruler issued secular decrees called Zawabits?

Ans. Aurangzeb.

21. Which Mughal ruler is known as “Zinda Pir” ?

Ans. Aurangzeb.

22. Which Mughal ruler had changed the name of the city Mathura to Islamabad?

Ans. Aurangzeb.

23. When Aurangzeb died ?

Ans. In 1707 AD.

24. Where was Aurangzeb buried ?

Ans. At Daulatabad (Devagiri).

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