How did the Pushyabhutis play an important role in Indian politics under Harshavardhana?


How did the Pushyabhutis play an important role in Indian politics under Harshavardhana? Who slammed a break Harsha’s career of conquest? Name the Chinese pilgrim who visited Harsha’s court. – Answered

a. The Pushyabhutis in Indian Politics:

In the post-Gupta peril there was no political unity in northern and western Indi Emergence of a large number of small independent states, always hostile to one another, was the political feature of the period.


Out of his chaos emerged the powerful kingdom of Thaneswar that was able to spread its supremacy over a major portion of northern India.

It was under Harshavardhana that Thaneswar came to play a VII political role in India. Meanwhile, of course, there was a shift the centre of political activities in the northern India.

Under the Mauryas and the Guptas Pataliputra of Magadha was the centre political power. But from 7th century onwards, that is to say, from the time of Harshavardhana the centre of political activities was shifted from Pataliputra to Kanauj.

In contemporary writings, Harshavardhana has been described the ‘Sakalottarapathanatha’ which means that he was the mast of the entire northern India.


This has been corroborated by to the sources. In fact, it is certain that Harshavardhan conquered the whole of northern India except Kashmir. Besides, Harsha could do little harm to Sasanka during the latter’s lifetime.

It was only aft the death of Sasanka that Harsha could successfully send an expedition against Gauda. Harsha’s career of conquest in the south was restricted by the Chalukya king.

In fact, in 634, Harsha suffered defeat at the hands of the Cluh’kya King Pulakesin II. The claim that Harsha was the last Hindu king of northern India is, however, not accepted by all.

b. Hasha Checked:


Harshavardhana’s career of conquest receive a serious jolt from the Chalukyas. The Aihole Inscription refers to the fact that Harshavardhana’s southward march was checked to Pulakesin II.

c. Harsha’s Court:

The Chinese pilgrim who visited the court of Harshavardhana was Hiuen Tsang.

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