What was the achievement of Harshavardhana?


Harshavardhana’s long rule of forty one year’s constitutes an important chapter in the history of India. He was successful as a conqueror, administrator, a patron of Buddhism and a patron of learning. There is no doubt that Harshayardhana conquered the whole of northern India except Kashmir.

Harshavardhana, as a ruler, toured from province-to province looking into the details of administration. That he was respectful to all religions is known from the fact that being a saiva he patronized Buddhism. Under him Ujjain became a centre of literary activities. Banabhatta, the author of Harshacharita and a good number of poets and literary personalities received patronage of Harsha.

Three dramatic works, ascribed to Harsha, are Nagctncmda, Ratriavcili and Priyadarsika. Such were the achievements of Harshavardhana.

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