Bolsheviks troops entered the hall of the Tauride Palace and dissolved the assembly


However, ultimately in 1918 when the assembly met the Bolsheviks demanded that the assembly should surrender all its power to them and acknowledge the authority of the Congress of Soviets. But the assembly did not show its willingness to do so. Ultimately the Bolshe­viks troops entered the hall of the Tauride Palace and dissolved the assem­bly. The Bolsheviks took this decision because they could not tolerate any interference with their programme by the assembly.

This action of the Bolsheviks was opposed by various sections. While the civil services went on strike as a protest thereby throwing the whole administrative machinery out of gear, the church also did not approve of this action. Even the general people and peasants also grew restive be­cause the Bolsehviks coup was now affecting them too. However, unmind­ful of all this opposition, the All Russian Congress of the Soviets which met four years after the dissolution of the assembly adopted the “Decla­ration of the Rights of Labouring and Exploited Masses.” Russia was declared a ‘Republic of Soviets of Workers, Soldiers and Peasants Depu­ties’ and a ‘Free Union of Free Nations.’

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