What were the main changes brought about by the Bolsheviks?


The main changes brought about by the Bolsheviks

The main changes brought about by the Bolsheviks immediately after the October Revolution were:

(i) To realise the old socialist ideal, private property as a means of production was abolished. Industry and banks were nationalised.


(ii) Lands of clergy and nobility were conficated and land was declared state property.

(iii) Use of old titles of aristocracy was banned. It marked the end of the system of privileges, thus creating a classless society.

(iv) All policies were directed to achieve the socialist idea, “from each according to his capacity, to each according to his work:” Work was now an essential requirement for everyone as there was no unearned income to live on.

(v) By adoption of Decree of Peace, Russia withdrew from World War I.


(vi) Russia unilaterally renounced all the unequal treaties which the Tsar’s government had imposed on countries such as China, Iran and Afghanistan. The right of all peoples to equality and self determination was proclaimed.

(vii) The Bolshevik Party was renamed the Russian Communist Party.

Russia became a one-party state. All Russian Congress of Soviets became the Parliament of the country.

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