What are the essential ways to prevent microbial infection ?


Microbial infection can be prevented by the following ways:

1. Clean Environment:

In order to prevent microbial infection it is very important to maintain a clean environment. Cleanliness in the home and neighborhood discourages the growth of microorganisms and their carriers (such as flies and mosquitoes).


2. Garbage bins and the food should be kept covered with lids:

The housefly is a common carrier of infection causing organisms. They are attacked towards garbage, human waste and food. When the flies sit on some decaying matter or excreta, they gather microorganisms on their bodies, wings, legs and feet. Their tiny hairs pick up the germs. Later on, when they sit on food, they transfer these microorganisms to the food. Therefore, keeping the garbage uncovered, defecting in the open and keeping the food uncovered can cause serious microbial infections. This can be prevented by covering garbage bins as well as food with lids. Covered latrines should be used for defection.

3. Clean drinking water:

3. Clean drinking water is very important for the prevention of microbial infections. Most of the surface and underground bodies of water are contaminated due to defecation in the open and seepage from sewers. As a result, a large number of our people constantly suffer from water-borne diseases. Therefore, drinking water should be properly treated and disinfected before consuming.


4. Body immunity system:

The natural defences (immunity) of the body should be maintained in perfect order by keeping the body clean and by eating balanced food. Thus, personal hygiene and balanced diet are very important in preventing microbial infections.

5. Vaccination

Another powerful method, which can protect us from disease causing microorganism, is vaccination. Vaccines are available for many diseases, such as measles, polio, diphtheria, tetanus and thyroid. Since children are more susceptible to microbial infections, they should be immunized against the common microbial disease through vaccination. It is through extensive vaccination that smallpox has now been eradicated from the world.


6. Clean life:

Many sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea and AIDS can be prevented by leading a clean life. Promiscuous, sexual behaviour can infect a person with any of these diseases.

The important steps for the prevention of microbial infection are summarized below:

  1. Maintain a clean environment.
  2. Keep garbage bins and food covered.
  3. Use clean drinking water and protect the water bodies from contamination.
  4. Maintain personal hygiene and eat balanced diet. This helps in keeping body’s defence system strong.
  5. Children may be immunised against common disease through vaccination.
  6. Avoid promiscuous sexual behaviour and lead a healthy clean life.

Large number of these microbes resides in our body. These microbes, which reside in our body, are not harmful to it and our body has adopted them after a long process of microbe evolution to counter infections caused by them. They rather help us in carrying out various body functions. For example, intestinal bacteria help in digestion of food. These various types of bacteria are present in skin, nasal passage, mouth, elementary canal and vagina.

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