How to prevent Hookworm infection?


Hookworm infection is defined as any infection caused by Ankylostoma or Nectar. Infection of either or both the organisms can occur in the same person. The symptoms of hook worm infec­tion are loss of appetite, lassitude and weakness. Since hookworms suck blood, there is loss of blood leading to iron deficiency anemia.


Hookworm infection occurs through pollution of soil with fecal matter. The larva of the worm enters through the skin of legs. After penetration, it enters into the lymphatic’s. Through small blood verses, it then enters the lungs. From the lungs, it enters the alimentary canal through the trachea and throat.


Infection can also occur through oral route by ingestion of fruits and vegetables contaminated with the larvae.

Prevention and control

1. Avoiding bare foot walking and wearing foot wears.

2. Installation of sewerage system and sanitary latrines.


3. Avoiding open air defecation.

4. Safe disposal of excreta.

5. Treatment with drugs like mebendazole, albendazole and pirate.

6. Correction of anemia caused by hookworm infection.


7. Health education about the use of sanitary latrines and prevention of soil pollution.

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