Why are Evergreen Forests Found on the Western Slopes of the Western Ghats?

(i) Tropical Evergreen Forests.

Regions more than 300 centimetres of annual rainfall abound in tropical evergreen forests. They are situated in the rainy sides of the Western Ghats with an altitude of 500 to 1500 metres and in the urban parts of Assam up to 1100 metres in height, Numerous species of trees grow in these forests. About 60 metres is their height.

(ii) Semi-evergreen Forests.


It grows on marginal lands of the evergreen forests with annual rainfall varying from 200 to 300 centimetres. Western Ghats, North-eastern regions and plains of West Bengal and Odisha and major areas of semi-evergreen forests.

Major Species. Rubber, Bamboo, Mahogani, Coconut, Bait, Rosewood, Cedar, Ebony and Cincona. These forests have little economic importance because their wood is hard and cannot be used as timber.

Western Ghats abound in the evergreen forests because (i) they receive annual rainfall of 200 to 300 cm and (ii) their height from mean sea level is up to 60 metres.