Tropical Deciduous Forests:

Tropical deciduous forests are also called the “Monsoon forests”. Long dry season of summer leads these forests to shed their leaves in order to prevent evaporation. Period of shedding the leaves varies for each species of trees. Hence, all the trees do not shed leaves at one and the same time.

Tropical deciduous forests are grown in the areas with annual rainfall of 70-200 cm. Sandal wood, Shisam, Mahua, Sal, Teak and Bamboo are important species of trees. They are famous for their economic importance. They supply timber for use in various activities.

Moist deciduous and the dry deciduous forests are two major categories of these forests.


(i) The moist deciduous forests are found in Shiwalik foothills, Bhabar, Tarai, Chhota Nagpur Plateau, the North-eastern Deccan Plateau and North-south strip to the east of the Western Ghats.

(ii) The dry deciduous forests are grown in the Central India where rainfall is comparatively less.

Two Important Trees of Tropical Deciduous Forests:

(i) Moist Forests-Teak


(ii) Dry Forests-Sal.