Short Notes on Variations in Precipitation, received in India

We find great variations not only in the form and types of precipitation but also in its amount and the seasonal distribution.

(i) Forms and Types of Precipitation:

i. Precipitation is mostly in the form of snowfall in the Himalayas.


ii. It is only in the form of rains over the rest of the country,

(ii) Annual Variation in Rainfall:

i. Annual precipitation varies from over 400 cm in Meghalaya to less than 10 cm in Ladakh and western Rajasthan.

ii. Most parts of the country receive rainfall from June to September.


iii. Tamil Nadu coast get most of its rains during November and December (the months of retreating and winter monsoons respectively).

(iii) Seasonal Variations in Rainfall

i. Coastal areas experience less variation in temperature conditions.

ii. Interior of the country has more seasonal variations.


iii. Rainfall decreases generally from east to west in Northern Plains.

iv. Climatic variations have resulted in variety of lives of people-in terms of the food, the clothes and the kind of houses of the people.