Short Notes on Regional Variations in the Climatic Conditions of India

Regional variations in the Climatic Conditions of India

(i) Temperatures :

(a) During summer Rajasthan Desert experiences temperatures as high as 50°C on a day while Pahalgaon in J and K as low as 20°C.


(b) On a winter night Drass (J and K) experiences temperature as low as – 45°C while temperature on the same night is 20°C at Tiruvanantapuram.

(c) Temperatures in Kerala and in Andaman and Nicobar islands remain uniform throughout the year.

(ii) Precipitation:

(a) In Himalayas precipitation generally occurs in the form of snow while in the rest of the country precipitation occurs in the form of rainfall (water droplets).


(b) Precipitation is very heavy in Meghalaya. It is more than 400 cms. Of rainfall annually. On the other hand, it is less than 10 cms. In Rajasthan Desert and Ladakh region.

(c) Tamil Nadu coast receives rainfall during the seasons of retreating and winter (October to December) while rest of the country receives rainfall during the season of South-west monsoon (June to September).