Short Notes on Formation of the Himalayas:

i. Peninsular part of Gondwana land was the oldest landmass.

ii. It included India, Australia, South Africa and South America as a single landmass.

iii. There was mud larger Eurasian Plate in the north.


iv. In between the Gondwana land and the Eurasian Plate there was a narrow, elongated trough called the Tethys Sea. It was filled with sedimentary rocks.

v. Convectional currents in the crust split it into several plates.

vi. The Indo Australian plate after separating from the Gondwana land drifted towards north. As a result both the north and southern plates collided.

vii. Due to collision the sedimentary rocks accumulated in the geosyncline of the Tethys got folded and uplifted.


viii. The uplifted folds in course of time assumed the slature of the Himalayas and the West Asian mountain system.