How did the Present form of Landforms Come Into Existenc?

i. Peninsular massif is the oldest land mass.

ii. It is a part of Gondwana land.

iii. In the ancient time it got rice plattered and drifted towards the South Pole along with Australia, South Africa and South America.


iv. Convectional currents split the crust into numerous pieces called tectonic or crustal plates.

v. Indo-Australian plate separated from the Gondwana land and drifted towards north.

a. The northward drift resulted in the collision of the plate with the much larger Eurasian.

b. As a result, sediment accumulated in the geosyncline of Tethys sea and solidified into sedimentary rocks. After sometime they were folded and up lifted from the mountain system of the Central Asia.


c. The mighty Himalayas have come into existence because of these activities. The Peninsular Massif was later on known by the name of Peninsular Plateau.