What are the advantages and disadvantages of Liquid and Gaseous Fuels over Solid Fuels?


Liquid and gaseous fuels are considered better fuels than the solid fuels because of the following reasons:

1. Liquid and gaseous fuels are easier to handle than solid fuels.

2. Liquid and gaseous fuels can be transported easily through pipelines whereas solid fuels cannot be transports in this way.


3. Liquid and gaseous fuels do not leave any residue after burning.

4. Liquid and gaseous fuels have higher calorific values than the solid fuels. In other words, for a given mass of the fuel, liquid and gaseous fuels produce more heat.

5. Liquid and gaseous fuels produce little or no smoke, whereas most of the solid fuels burn with smoke.

6. Liquid and gaseous fuels have relatively low ignition temperature and hence they burn more easily than solid fuels.

Disadvantages of Gaseous Fuels

The main disadvantages of gaseous fuels are:


1. Very large storage tanks are needed for storing gaseous fuels.

2. They are highly inflammable, so chances of fire hazards are high in their use.

3. They are more costly than solid or liquid fuels.

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