Complete information on Fuels Used In Hotels


Any source of heat energy is termed as fuel. The term fuel includes all combustible substances obtainable in bulk.

Fuel is a substance which produces a large amount of heat when burnt with oxygen of atmospheric air.

Fuels are primarily used for heating purposes.


Fuels are-

A. Solid Fuels:

Coal, peat, lignite, wood, coke, Anthracite, Bituminous.

B. Liquid Fuels:


Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Coal tar, Molasses, Spirit, Shale Oil.

C. Gaseous Fuels:

Methane, Coal gas, Producer gas, compressed Blast furnace gas, town gas, Cock oven gas, water gas, compressed butane

D. Electricity:


Other classification of fuels

(I) Naturally Occurring/Primary fuels- Wood, Peat, lignite, Anthracite, Oils, Shale, petroleum.

(II) Prepared/Secondary, derived from (I) Fuels.

Charcoal, semi coke, coke, Coal tar, Spirit, Kerosene, diesel, gasoline, Producer gas, water gas, compressed butane.


Good/Ideal Fuel- Which

(a) Has low ignition point

(b) Has high calorific value

(c) Produces minimum quantity of smoke


(d) Should be easy to store & convenient for transportation & is economic.

(e) Has moderate rate of combustion

(f) Has low content of non Volatile material

(g) Produces no poisonous products on combustion

(h) Is readily & plentiful available

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