Artificial insemination has certain advantages over natural breeding as discussed under:

1. Artificial insemination make selective breeding easier as semen from a desired breed of bull can be easily transported to distant places and can be used for impregnating cows on a large scale.

2. The services of superior high breed bulls are greatly extended. Semen from a single bull can be used to impregnate more than 3000 cows. However, natural breeding a bull may be able to impregnate only 50 to 60 cows per year.

3. There is no need of maintaining a bull by every breeder.


4. Semen from even injured or old bulls can be used to impregnate cows. The old or injured bulls may out be able to impregnate the cows through natural mating.

5. Artificial insemination increases the chances of conception.

Through artificial insemination, outstanding animals located apart can be mated.