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How to improve the artificial lighting system in your office ?

Though natural light is the best and cheapest method of lighting, it is not always available and as such, the use of artificial lighting is preferred. The use of artificial light is preferred because it is available always and these are available in different colours.

What are the different methods of Artificial Vegetative Propagation ?

Besides natural methods of vegetative propagation, artificial modes of propagation are also being used. Farmers, gardeners and horticulturists have adopted several such methods like grafting, layering, cutting and tissue culture for propagating plants in gardens and nurseries.

Who was the first to prepare artificial diamonds?

Moissan in 1886 was the first to prepare artificial diamonds. He heated a mixture of sugar, charcoal and iron in a crucible in an electric furnace. Iron first melted and then began to boil. It dissolved a good deal of carbon.

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