Short Essay on the Mineral Resources in India



The world leader in gold production is South Africa accounting for about 30% of world’s production. India’s production is insignificant. The CIS, the USA Australia, Canada, Brazil, China are important gold mining countries.

Silver and Platinum.


India is nowhere among the major producers of silver and platinum.

Iron Ore.

The erstwhile USSR (now C.I.S.) has the highest reserves of iron ore (47%) in the world. India comes after Brazil (14-5%) and the USA (13.1%) with 6-6%. In other words the erstwhile USSR had 7 times as much reserve as India has. However, India’s reserves are 10 times those of China.

So far as production is a concerned Russia account for 25% of the world production. Brazil 16%, Australia 11%, China 10% and the USA 6% with India 5%.


It means India’s production is one-fifth of that of the erstwhile USSR, one-third of that of Brazil and about one-half of that of China.


India accounts for about 6% of the world’s manganese production which is one-sixth of that of CIS, the leader in the world.

Other countries producing more than India are S. Africa 15%, China 12%, Gabon 11%, Australia 9% and Brazil 7%.


Tungsten and Vanadium.

The main producers of tungsten are China and the CIS. China accounts for half the production of the world and the CIS about one- fourth. India is insignificant in tungsten and vanadium production.

Vanadium producers are Peru accounting for one-third and the USA for one- eighth. India is a negligible producer.



India is a minor producer of chromium. So is the position of Turkey, Finland and Albania. South Africa and the CIS are the leaders in the production of chromium in the world.

Nickel and Cobalt.

Zaire has the largest reserves and ranks first in its production. Other producers are the USA, Canada, the CIS etc. India is an insignificant producer of nickel.

Cobalt’s leading producer is Canada. It mines l/5th of world’s production. Other producers are the CIS, Cuba, Brazil, etc. India is no where, even among the moderate producers.



The USA is the leading producer of copper. Zambia, Chile, Canada, Zimbabwe and Zaire are other producers. India is poor in copper production.


India is self-sufficient in the production of this metal. Australia is the largest producer accounting for about 40% of world’s production. Other countries in descending order are Guinea, Jamaica, Brazil etc.

Lead and Zinc.

The main producers of lead are the USA, Australia, the CIS, Canada, Peru, China, etc. India is an insignificant producer.

Zinc producing countries are Japan, the CIS, the USA, Australia, Mexico, ctc. India produces insignificant quantity of zinc.


The leading producer of mica in the world is India. Other countries are the CIS, South Africa, Canada, etc.


The USA is the leading producer of salt in the world. The other producers are China, the UK, France, Germany, Poland, Australia, etc. India is a negligible producer.

Sulphur .

The USA is the largest producer in the world. India is poor in sulphur.

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