Short Essay on Animal Resources in India


Cattle and Milk.

India has the largest number of cattle heads (198 million), while Brazil is second, (152 million). The C.I.S. (116 million) and the USA (100 million) are third and fourth respectively.



In spite of the fact that India has the largest number of cows in the world, its milk production is about 25% of the C.I.S. and 40% of that of the U.S.A. It is because Indian cows are of poor breed, and poorly fed.


India is 5th in the world in sheep population. India’s 55-7 million sheep heads are one-third of that of sheep population of Australia. India produces about 1% of world’s wool.

Forest .


Officially India has 75 million hectares (19-7% of total area) of forest area which is 1/15th of the area of the C.I.S. Finland has 70% of her land area covered with forests. Japan, Sweden, etc. have high percentage of forest area.


China is the leader in coal production, 21-6% of the world production. India’s share is around 4% in the world’s total production. Coal producing countries whose production is more than that of India are China, USA, CIS, Germany, Poland and Australia.



Saudi Arabia (23-4%) has the largest known reserves of petroleum in the world. The second is the CIS (11-5%) and others in order are Kuwait (10-5%), Iran (9-8%) and India 1%.

Natural Gas.

India’s production is insignificant in the world. Erstwhile USSR produced natural gas 73 times that of India. Even Romania produced three times that of India.



The USA produces the largest amount of electricity in the world. Other countries in the descending order included erstwhile USSR, Japan, Canada, Germany, China, France, UK, Italy etc.

India produces only 2-6% of electricity produced in the USA. Even China produces electricity twice that of India.

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