A good storage structure is the one, which can provide protection against all possible causes of damage. A food storage structure, for storing food grains on a large scale, should have the following essential features:

1. It should be easy to clean.

2. It should provide protection from rodents, biords and other animals.

3. It should be waterproof and moisture proof.


4. It should protect the foodgrains against variations of temperature and humidity.

5. It should have provision for periodical inspection.

6. It should have provision for application of pesticides through spraying or fumigation.

7. It should be located far away from possible sources of infection such as kilns, flour mills, and bone crushing mills, garbage rumps, tanneries, slaughter houses and chemical industries.


8. It should be located at a convenient place from where it is easy to receive issue and transport the food gains. This explains why most of the storage structures are located near railway stations or on highways.