These are times when majority of the people are thinking about leaving Pakistan and many of them have actually migrated and have settled in other countries. But Pakistan is not as bad a country it is portrayed to be. I still love Pakistan and there are hundreds of reasons why I love it.

Pakistan is a result of the sacrifices of millions of Muslims and the efforts of Muhammad Ali Jinnah to get a separate homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent. How can I forget the sacrifices my ancestors gave to provide me with an independent homeland? How I am not supposed to love a country which my ancestors died fighting for! I love Pakistan because of the plain reason that it has allowed me to practice my religion freely. Majority of the people around me are of the same culture and religion as I am which gives me a sense of belonging and affection for them and the country.

People complain we are victims of terrorism; no doubt these are challenging times but which country is not a victim of terrorism? Have you forgotten the attacks on U.S World Trade Centre? Every country is facing crisis, this does not mean we leave our country when it needs our support the most. I love those people in my country who are peace loving and majority of them do want peace.

I love my country because it gives me a standard of living which no other country would. I could freely roam around the streets all night no one would stop me. I could park my car wherever I want no one would stop me. I don’t have to pay half of my earnings to ride on a car just like people in the West do. People in countries like U.S and U.K have to pay road tax and also a large amount of parking fee if they want to park their cars. I love Pakistan because I am given the freedom to live life the way I want. It allows me to live as a free citizen, does not impose unnecessary taxes on me and allows me to do whatever I want to do with my property.


I love my country for the beautiful sites it has. The northern areas of Pakistan including Swat, Naran, Kaghan, Murree are such beautiful valleys that one would not want to miss an opportunity to visit these places. Being a Pakistani I have the privilege to enjoy my vacations on beautiful hills and that too at a low cost.

One thing that makes me love Pakistan even more is our most beloved sport cricket. I love Pakistan and I love the Pakistan Cricket Team because it brings our entire nation under one flag and gives a sense of patriotism which no other sport or thing could ever give us.

Although I love Pakistan, I can’t ignore the problems it is going through. But instead of leaving my country because of the problems it is facing, I want to live here and contribute in any way I could to take my country out of trouble because I truly love Pakistan!