S. T. Coleridge, the great Romantic Poet – Philosopher has concluded his famous poem Rime of the Ancient Mariner – with the above words. Indeed, service to humanity, broadly speaking, kindness to all created beings of God, is the best service and worship to God – Almighty. Swami Vivekananda echoed the same idea in one of his poems – I see God manifest before me in many shapes. He serves God best who loves his creatures.

There are men amongst us who spend a lot to build imposing temples but give nothing to others by way of charity in their distress. The most important thing is to come to the help of the needy as far as possible. There are, however, a class of men who practices formal charity, for publicity, not having any real feeling for the helpless people, the weaker section of the society. Man should also be kind to lower animals and should not kill them cruelly. True religion lies in giving relief and support to the people in their hours of need. Uttering words in prayer in a place of religion is just a formality and does not bring the man nearer to God. The means of altruism, i.e. benefaction is the best prayer. Services should be placed above self.