Rabindra Nath Tagore :

Rabindranath Tagore was born in 1861 in Bengal. He was a great poet, patriot, novelist and writer of short stories. He was not much interested in studies. He started writing poetry at a very young age. He wrote songs in praise of our motherland. Our National Anthem, Jana, Gana, Mana was written by him. He got Nobel Prize in Literature in 1931 for his collection of poems known as Gitanjaii.

Besides poetry, he wrote plays, dramas, short stories and novels. He was a good painter also. He was a great educationist. He established a school in the natural surroundings which was ‘ known as Shantiniketan. It has now grown to be a famous Vishwabharti University. People respectfully call him Gurudev,

Vallathol :

Vallathol was born in a small village in Kerala in 1878. He is the best known poet in South India. He wrote about ninety Jaooks. He was a great scholar of Sanskrit and Malayalam. He translated the Rigveda, Valmiki’s Ramayana and Kalidasa’s Shokuntalom into Malayalam. He was a follower of Gandhiji. His patriotic songs greatly inspired Indian people in their struggle for freedom. Although he was deaf, yet he was full of confidence. He travelled widely in India and in many other countries.

Sarojini Naidu :

Sarojini Naidu was a great poetess and patriot. She was known as the Nightingale of India for her beautiful English poems. She became a follower of Mahatma Gandhi and joined India’s struggle for freedom. She went to jail many a times. She was a strong supporter of women education. She struggled for the uplift of women and their proper place in the society. She was the first women Governor of U.P. of free India.

Subrahamanyam Bharati :

Subrahmanyam Bharti was a great poet of Tamil Nadu. He was born in a small village in Tamil Nadu in 1884. He lived a short life of just 39 years but he won a great fame as a poet. He wrote his first poem at the early age of ten years. He could compose on the spot a song on any subject. He loved his country. His patriotic songs and poems inspired the people of India for their fight against the foreign rulers. He will always be remembered as a great patriotic poet.