Examination: Test of Knowledge or Reading Power



According to me, Exam must be a test of knowledge, but is not being. The trend of present generation is going wrong and taking a wrong step in deciding their future. The youth at present are taking a wrong view of education and viewing it not even in the exam point, but, marks point of view.

We can start from school education itself, first and foremost if we meet a stranger who is a student, the first question we ask is “which class” or may be “percentage”.


In nine out of ten cases it is true. Nowadays, mainly the rankers and scorers are he persons who had by hearted the before day, in seven out of ten cases it is absolute. The reason why some schools are going to complete tenth class before six months is for marks. They are encouraging the by hearting students in one point of view.

You can ask to prove knowledge. I could say that learning by mistakes but not marks.

I am saying not to study or anything like that, but understand and grasp the subject. Never read before the exam. Once you have understood the concept, it means that you should be able to clarify the doubts of a teacher (superior).

This is my personal and practical experience: What is the need for a student to cry if he did not get marks? If he cries, that is only due to stress of parents. He will get hundred percent results for how he had written his examination but not how he had prepared.


Previously, in an interview, they used to take certificates and give away job now they are testing knowledge not reading power. For that also students are mugging up the before day, what can we do.

The reason why students are going to bigger tasks in an examination view is that seventy five percent due to stress of parents and only twenty five percent due to their effort.

Okay, now everything is fine, you have showed your reading power and secured well in the life, married, having one child, once if he comes to you and ask or express any doubt which he/she has. I know what your answer would be is that is “I lost the touch”.

But what my answer to them would be is that “They would have written their examination with their reading power” you can ask me whether they might forget? They won’t forget everything. They will try to recap, recollect and explain. If they have lack of interest that is totally another point at issue (This case is not wrong). Man wants to live for money, for family, for tribe, for dynasty, for someone, for some other causes, etc., etc.! But only two out of ten wants to live for themselves.


The reason why scientists and Nobel Prize winners are not flourishing in India because the designations became commercial to say. They want to secure and settle in life, that’s it. They are setting goals such as politician, doctor, engineer and so on. But, no one are thinking I want to discover a new tree (theory).This is becoming deficient which should not.

So, what I mean to say is never and ever by heart muggup, only understands and grasp the subject. Don’t care too much about marks and examination. This is my sincere and serious advice to parents as well as students.


Tejaswi Vajinepalli


Email: DON [email protected]

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