Essay on Examination Phobia


Students prepare for the examinations days and months in advance. The day of the examination is always awaited with a mixed feeling. There is a fear of facing a tough paper and there is also a sense of relief to know that once the papers are over, there can be enough time to play and enjoy.

Outside the exam hall students hold on to their books, notes and pencil boxes. They are seen pacing up and down the corridors trying to absorb as much as they can from their books upto the last minute. Some students read loudly while others prefer to sit silently in a corner and concentrate on their notes. Some students are seen discussing questions with classmates. Some faces show panic and fear, others show composure and confidence.

Once the students enter the exam hall they surrender all their books and notes to their teachers. There is lot confusion as they try to locate their roll numbers on seats. The invigilators usually guide the students to their seats and soon order is restored in the class room. The examiners and invigilators advice the students to remain silent while the examination is on. As time passes, students keep a close watch on watches. Even the invigilators keep warning the students about the time.


If any student is found copying or seen resorting to unfair means, the principal is asked to intervene. He/she is disallowed to take the examination and sent away to the principal’s office.

Once the examinations start, there is silence in the room and the students are seen concentrating on writing. Invigilators move between rows of chairs and keep watch over the students. Even they get tired along with the students at the end of three hours. Everyone heaves a sigh of relieve once the period is over.

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