Essay on Views of a Modern Woman about Property and Dowry


A modern women now also claims that the she should be given a share in the parental property. According to her why a simple act of marriage should deprive her of a share from the property of her parents, who gave her birth and brought her up along with other children. She is also now not prepared to accept the concept of dowry.

According to her, why any price should be paid or put for her marriage. She should be valued by her qualities. Women of today point out how the suffer in the new house after their marriage. She is accepted or rejected or valued and placed in the new setting depends on the dowry which she brings with herself.

She also points out how the system has resulted in the suicide of many innocent newly wedded girls and how many qualified and beautiful girls could not marry throughout their life only because parents could not afford dowry.


Concept of co-share

She also wants to have co-equal rights with men in so far as political life of the country is concerned. She also agitates for getting equal educational facilities with men and a share in enriching national culture and heritage. It short it can be said that a modern women is not prepared to accept of subordination. She wants to be a co-sharer with men in all walks of life both at home and outside.

Impact of education

With the spread of education and after right to vote, Indian woman is now gaining consciousness. She feels that it is wrong to consider that she is either a burden on the parents or on the society. Many societies all over the country have come up to champion her cause.


She now feels that she is partner and co- sharer in social and national progress. She now demands that there should be now no child marriage, so that she is not forced to become a child mother and ultimately possess a poor health and become victim of all evils which follow the system.

Similarly she is opposed to polygamy, and wants to put restrictions on dowry. She wants to have divorce under certain circumstances to maintain her individuality. She also wants to be treated as a partner in all walks of life with her husband and does not wish that husband’s decisions should be forced on her.

She now claims a share in the property of her j parents, along with her brothers and so on. Thus she is making loud demands and wants that she should be given a respectful place and position in all walks of life.

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