The evil of dowry system in India continues to have its toll resulting into innumerable deaths of unfortunate, helpless, innocent women. In spite of tall claims of increase in literacy rate, much- publicized efforts by many women’s welfare organizations and new stringent legal provisions made for curbing the growth of this menace of our so-called modern society, there has not been any appreciable decline in the number of dowry deaths.

According to law, acceptance or offering of dowry in any form is a punishable offence. The major reasons for this unabated increase in the number of dowry deaths are continual growing greed for money or gifts of bridegroom’s family and lack of any effective implementation of legal provisions for which none but we all are responsible.

Let’s, therefore, individually as well as untidily, in cooperation with genuinely interested women’s welfare organizations make serious efforts for effective implementation of legal provisions to bring to book and punish those who take or give dowry. Also, as a deterrent we should socially boycott all those people giving or taking dowry.