Essay on Universal Postal Union (UPU)


The Universal Postal Union originated in July 1875 through a convention signed in Berne, the capital of Switzerland. The UNO adopted UPU as its specialized agency in 1947 with its headquarter in Berne. To ensure smooth organization and perfection of the different postal services is the aim of UPU besides promoting development of international cooperation in the area of postal communications. The members of the Union are treated as one territory for the purpose of postal correspondence

Organs : The Universal Postal Congress (UPC), the Executive Council, the Consultative Committee for Postal Studies and the International Bureau are the main organs of Universal Postal Union (UPU). The Universal Postal Congress consists of 189 UPU member countries and normally holds their meeting at the gap of five years. If the two-thirds members request then the extra ordinary Congress meeting may be held any time.

There are 40 members in the Executive Council who are elected by the Congress on an equal geographical basis. They maintain close contact with the postal administration.


There are 35 members in the Consultative Committee for Postal Studies. The studies on major problems affecting postal administration in all UPU countries are organised by the Committee. The advice on technical, operational, and economic fields to improve postal conditions in the world is given by the Committee. International Bureau is the Secretariat of UPU and is responsible for postal administration, information and consultation.

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