Essay on The Street In Which I Live


I live in a big street. It is about a furlong in length, it is very spacious. It is paved and cemented. It is daily washed by the sweepers engaged by the Municipality. Dustbins and receptacles are placed at several places. All rubbish is thrown into them.

No resident of the street is allowed to throw fruit skins or other dirty things in the street. There are public urinals and taps at three or four places. No rubbish heaps are seen lying anywhere. The drains are daily flushed with water. There are no flies and mosquitoes and no foul smell. Nobody is allowed to make water or ease himself in the drains. The residents have a civic sense. All houses are fitted with electricity and water taps.

The street is inhabited by well-to do people. There are beautiful houses of the same design on both sides of the street. The houses are airy and commodious. Every house has some open space in front, at the back and also on the sides. There is no congestion and suffocation. The houses have been built to a plan. There is no haphazard growth anywhere.


It is one of the model streets of the town. At two ends of the street there are two parks for ladies and children. These parks serve as lungs of the street. Houses in my street are much in demand. The rent is exorbitant. You cannot get a room 15 feet by 10 feet for less than thirty rupees a month. A house in our street is very paying. There are no shops in the street.

The residents of the street live in perfect amity and concord. There are no quarrels over trifies. There is a common house in the street. The residents often meet and discuss topics of common interest in a friendly manner.

The residents are accommodating and co-operative. They share one another’s joys and sorrows. Life in the street is peaceful. There’s security of life and property. There are no bad characters. At night two watchmen keep guard over the street. There are no cases of theft. In a word, it is an ideal street.

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