Beggars are very common. They can be seen everywhere. They are found in the bus stops, market places, historical places, railway platforms, road sides and in parks.

Begging is really a curse. Begging has become a profession. Some beggars are healthy and do not deserve our sympathy. But some beggars are lame, cripple or blind. They deserve our sympathy. Some beggars sing songs and play on musical instruments.

A beggar is a poor man. He goes about begging for food, clothes and money. There are many beggars who are disabled and handicapped. We should take pity on them. They really deserve our help and charity. We should help a beggar if he is blind, lame or handicapped.

Many street beggars are thieves too. Therefore, they do not want to change their profession. They are lazy people. They do not want to work. We should be aware of such type of beggars.


We should help only those beggars who are disabled and cannot earn their livelihood by doing any kind of work.

Beggars are a nuisance. They are clever and cheat the public. Sometimes they steal, make places dirty and trouble the people by persistent begging. They should be discouraged. They spoil the image of our country.