Science as an Independent Subject

Only that subject can be considered as scientific or science which have scientific subject matter and in which methods of study have scientific nature.

It has been realised by experts that science should be included as an important subject in the school curriculum as it is only through this that students can get more practical and rational perspective and outlook. It is important to mention here that science as subject possess of some unique features.

As a subject of study, area of science should be concerned with finding out the cause or reasons of happenings taking place in present time. Thus, as a subject, only that information should be imparted to the students with is concerned with the present and no mention regarding past and future should be done in this subject.


For verifying various laws and theories, only scientific methods and equipments should be used, as results obtained through such means have objectivity and reliability. Not only this, such results can be verified at all the places in all the conditions. Such kind of information should be provided to the students through science by which positive and practical modifications can take place in their outlook and perspective.

Teacher should provide them with such information by which they can become more objective and impartial. Habit of judging all the facts on basis of facts should get developed in the students through teaching of science.

While imparting science as a subject, it is important for the teacher to make it clear before the students that all the happenings or changes taking place around them have certain reason and there is no concept of divine power or super natural power.

For this purpose, teacher should make use of various theories or laws which are being propounded by the scientists. For instance, to teach students that why any object thrown upward gets fall downward through Newton’s law of gravitation.


This can be done with the help of various models. Various theories or laws should be explained to the students by teacher in such a way that they can learn to discover every truth existing behind the all kinds of happenings through the help of scientific methods. Students should be taught the technique by which they can make use of principles of scientific theories in practice and can sort out various kinds of problems arising in their life.

Teacher should make use of all the techniques by which students can be learn to study different kinds of .variables and causes lying behind the happenings of events scientifically as through this ability, they will become able to predict the future and kind of changes that will take place in different spheres of life. Such kind of ability will help them in securing their life.

Teachers should provide the information relating to scientific developments and investigations taken place in recent times such a way that students can be involved in investigational processes and their interest can be directed towards scientific research and developed processes.

Thus it can be said that science as a subject is consisted of various scientific facts, laws, principles and processes and it is not merely a content but a process as well, which makes it very significant and important part of educational curriculum for all the levels of education.


At last, it can be said that modern age is an age of science, where it has become of paramount importance to impart scientific education to all children of society, as it is only through developing a scientific basis that children can become mentally strong and in future can play an important role in leading progress procedures in the nation.