Scientific Theory of Teaching Science

A theory which is being formulated by making use of related scientific facts, concepts and principles is known as Scientific Theory. All the experimentations and researchers conducted in the field of science are performed with the aim of constructing theory.

In other words, a scientific theory can be describe as a well organised system in which various sub-systems are being interrelated and interdepended on each other. These systems and sub-systems are found in the form of scientific facts, concepts, laws and principles.

As known that in the field of science, various experiments and investigations are conducted. Number of persons conduct experimentation and investigations to challenge the existing and proven facts. Such new investigations produce new facts, which play very important role in building new theories.


Not only this, such new facts help in bringing modification and alteration of positive nature in existing theories. No phenomena in field of science can be explained or understand without help of theories. Concerned theories can help to considerable extent in finding out the reasons or cause of various happenings. With the help of theories, various kinds of predictions can be made.

Through theories, outcome of a particular phenomena or process can be known in advance. Likewise, with the help of theories, nature and kind of changes or incidences taking place in the future can be predicted.

In reality, a theory is well organised system, which is comprises of various facts, concepts and laws, which are related to each other. In reality, these systems are related to each other by which cannot function independently.

There can be existence of various principles or laws in a theory. In the field of science, theories possess very important place, as without them, it becomes very difficult to apply fundamental facts of science systematically, which will give only improper results.