457 Words Essay on a Scene at a Railway Station


If one waits in a platform of a railway junction station for some time, he will experience many strange events and interesting scenes happening before his eyes like a movie.

In a junction station, trains enter and exit frequently and hence passengers and goods are also transported at a considerable speed. Someone, having a power of observation, will defi­nitely enjoy many unexpected scenes and witness many strange personalities.

Let us suppose that a mail train is expected within a few minutes, and the platform is crowded with passengers who may be composed of men, women, and children. The coolies help them in loading or unloading their baggage.


They are waiting for the train to be in, at any moment, because the loudspeaker has already announced its arrival. The head of the family or the leader of the group of trav­ellers looks anxious, who impatiently loiter in order to watch the train enter the platform.

On the other hand, a newly-wedded couple who are going on a honey-moon trip to a hill station, are surrounded by visitors from both the sides of the bride and the bride­groom, who have assembled there to see them off. They are found to be engaged in merry gossip of light jokes as as to make the atmosphere gay and easy.

On the other side of the platform, a high-ranked officer ‘S seen t0 be surrounded by his obedient subordinates who have come to help him to board the train with least possible difficulty, although there is reservation for him in a first class compartment. They are found to flatter their boss in many ways, and there is a competition among them in doing so. Everyone wants to be the boss’s favourite.

The hawkers, with their various wares, pass by the passengers who have no mind to pay attention to them, as the train is about to be in.


The train stops. The passengers hurry up to get into the compartments. The passengers having reserved berths try t0 locate their respective seats or berths, while in the unre­served compartments; the hard tussle of the travellers comes even to a stage of blows or wrestling, just for occupying a seat.

Then, the bargain with the coolies, who are adamant not to accept any reduced figure but the one once quoted highly by them much beyond the scheduled rate, taking full advantage of the situation, reaches the climax. Now the train leaves with a long whistle, after the bell of the Station Master is heard, and the green signal of the guard is indicat­ed. It starts slowly, and by gradually accelerating the speed, it disappears in a moment. And the platform again becomes noiseless for a few minutes.

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