A railway station is one of the busiest places in the city or town. Whether it is night or day, it does not know of any rest. There is hustle and bustle all the time at railway station. People are seen boarding the train and getting down of them.

Then the cry of the coolies, passengers and hawkers makes the scene noisy.

Last Sunday, I went to New Delhi Railway Station to receive my sister. She was coming from Lucknow. We reached the station at 9 p.m. Outside the station there was great rush of taxis, cars and scooters. Passengers were rushing here and there with their luggage. Many porters were there waiting for the passengers to carry their luggage.

At the ticket windows, people were waiting in the queues to buy the tickets. Many people were there who had come to receive or see off their relations. I went to buy a platform ticket. There was a big crowd of people. There were a number of stalls. Some were selling tea, snacks, magazines books, toys, etc.


The train arrived, the passengers rushed at it. There was a great confusion. My sister got down quickly. We hired a taxi and returned home.