I am the only son of my rich parents. I have all the comforts about me. I have a number of servants to attend on me and carry out my wishes I wear the very best and eat the daintiest dishes. I am leading a truly luxurious life. I command the love of my parents.

I can see any Picture I like. I can go to any hill station. I can buy any book and I can engage any tutors of my choice. I live in a magnificent and spacious bungalow. I have several rooms richly furnished, at my disposal.

There is a beautiful, walled garden attached to our bungalow. I have a number of hobbies, gardening being one of them. I have several pet animals a cow, a horse, and a dog.

Do you think I am happy? Do you think I wish for nothing better? I certainly do. Over- protection and over-indulgence of my parents have killed all virtues in me. I am a coward. I can’t go anywhere alone. Someone must accompany me even when I go to college or the pictures.


Too much dependence on others has killed all initiative and self-reliance in me. I hesitate to do even the simplest thing and the easiest task. Luxurious habits have made me ease-loving. I can’t face difficulties, I can’t brave any dangers. Being always shut up within the four walls of the house, I have practically no contact with the outside world.

I have no friends to be proud of. I have no information and no firsthand knowledge of men and things around me. I sometimes feel sad and lonely. The idle rich can never be happy. Busy life is the best life. However much I wish to move out into the wide world and satisfy my craving for knowledge of the outside world, I can’t. My parents can’t bear the idea of my going away from their eyes. I am reduced to a frog in the well.

I envy the lot of those who roam about with their brothers and sisters. I am deprived of brotherly love and sisterly tenderness. I have no playmate. I have none to open my heart to. I wish I had a brother or a sister with whom I could share my joys and my secrets.

Too much of everything is bad. I often feel bored and irritated by an over dose of parental love and affection. I cannot but say that it is a curse to be the only child.