Terrorism can be defined as the use of violence to achieve some goals. It is completely different from war and policy.

The evils of terrorism have considerably grown over years. Terrorism has affected not only countries like U.S.A. or UK; it has also affected undeveloped countries like Afghanistan and Kazakhstan by bomb explosions, discriminate killings, hijacking, black mails etc.

All this is executed with terrible cruelty if the demand of money or a terrorists’ release is not accepted. Mainly, terrorist aim against whom they regard as their enemies or those is their obstacles in the path of their goals.

Terrorism can be differentiated into many categories, of which the main are Political terrorism and Criminal terrorism. Political Terrorism is much more dangerous than Criminal Terrorism.


There is also one category of Regional Terrorism, which is the most violent. As terrorism believes in power of guns and bombs over dialogue, so it has become a serious threat to dealt with.

It does not matter that their goals are illegal or unethical. Flight hijacking is one of their most preferred targets to spread terror. In India, government has made many strict laws like POTA which replaced the POTO law which was made earlier.

The deadliest terrorist attack in India was the 1993 Bombay Bombing which was is coordinate of Dawood Ibrahim. A popular saying of terrorism is ‘One person’s terrorist, another person’s freedom fighter’. Terrorism cannot be controlled by law enforcing agencies alone. The world has to unite to finish terrorism.