The systematic use of unpredictable violence or terror against individuals, public or governments to attain a political motive is called terrorism. Terrorism, or cult of the gun and killing, is rather a new phenomenon in world history.

It has become a global issue and is the most isolated of so many other socio-political evils associated with the country because it is “breaking away’ from the main stream, a section of the people who resort to use the force of arms to overwhelm their opponent.

It is a challenge to the authority of the state and a revolt against the entire social-political order of the day in decisive manner.

Terrorism has created a panic situation in the whole world, It has ‘ grown of time’ and not all of a sudden. There are so many social-political and economic factors responsible for the rise of terrorism. On the one hand unemployment, regionalism, communalism have promoted it while on the other hand politics has inflamed it.


Sometimes communal organisations use the unemployed youth for the purpose of spreading violence in society in order to disrupt the established social system. They do this to achieve success in their unlawful demands. The youths are motivated in a negative direction and they are shown their bright future in the act of terrorism. Sometimes political leaders use these youths in order to achieve their political ambitions against some other parties or leaders.

Later on it takes a dangerous turn and becomes beyond control, even for its creators, for example we can see Osama Bin Laden who once was used and promoted by the U.S.A. against Russia and later on Osama became the greatest threat to its creator the U.S.A. In India too, we have witnessed such a situation when once terrorists were promoted in Punjab by the then ruling party and its leader, which later on proved to be a suicidal step for the ruling party.

In this way terrorism has spread world wide. It has no boundary, no emotion, no feeling. It can occur anywhere anytime in any form against anyone no matter whether it is mosque in Karachi (Pakistan), Akshardham temple in Gujarat (India), World Trade Center (USA) or school children of Russia.

It can take any criminal step to put its pressure on the government or on the society. Kidnapping, mass-killing, bomb- blast etc. are some of its activities through which it aims at achieving its goal.


1995 was the year which can be said to be the period when terrorism emerged evidently as a major threat to modern civilization. For the first time it became clear that the new breed of terrorists see the entire civilized world, including moderate Muslim regions, as a threat to their global aims. It is not just countries like India that are a target.

Previously it was presumed that terrorist violence would be restricted to Kashmir only. But this presumption has been proved baseless and now it is clear that terrorism views all civilized countries with a liberal tradition as fair game for the spread of terror. Attack on Parliament in New Delhi and J&K Assembly were the most horrible terrorist’s attack.

Recently the killing of school children in North Ossetia in Russia has shaken the whole world, for this time it seems that terrorism has developed up to such extent that innocence, love, affection, childhood, a child’s wails and pleadings, etc. are nothing known to it. It has crossed all limits this time and is an indication to the world for its ultimate devastation.

On the whole, terrorists have no ideology. It is more an expression of anger overpercieved injustices to minority religious and ethnic community by the majority community and a symbol of assertion of feelings of separateness of the agrieved community. Inspite of world-wide condemnation and efforts to control it is growing day by day. The terrorists can be said to be glasses to be handled with care.


Neither force nor any condemnation can suppress them. They need emotional touch from the society because terrorism is the misguided zeal of the youth power which can be brought to the main stream of the society only through a healing touch. We must realize it and raise a human consciousness to deal this problem sensibly.