659 Words Essay on evils of fashion on society


Fashion is the term which applies to the trend and style that people adopt according to the changing world. It sets our dress behaviour, food, likes and dislikes, etc. in order to match with the changed scenario.

In old days people mostly followed the traditional pattern of living set by our predecessors on the base of their religious values and beliefs. So the names like Dasharatha, Ram, Krishna, and Radha were the most common in the society. But now Tom, Dick, Harry are in fashion.

Now the fashion is set according to the Bollywood and Hollywood. Heroes and heroines of the films have become the role models. Now it is very difficult to distinguish whether ‘Puppy’ is your pet baby dog or your own son or daughter.


Fashion is not a word which is unknown to everyone today. The whole world has become crazy for fashion and tries to go ahead in this race. The Western countries in general are the homes of fashion.

France is known for the latest fashion throughout the whole Europe and now our India too is in the grip of fashion where people in general and youths in particular have become so mad after it that they hardly think about decency. They must have their clothes cut according to the latest rogue, their hair made up according to the latest style. They never bother about the expenditure on their fashion.

The youth copy the actors and actresses. Some of them see a film to copy the latest fashion. They make a liberal use of cosmetics and beautyaids. They do it in a competitive spirit to look smart, up-to-date and attract their friends. The girls are perhaps the worst sinners in this regard. They don’t hesitate to put on tight clothes, as light as possible, even though the dress is entirely inconvenient.

They just wish to look like their favourite actresses. Even parents too are not less faulty. They buy the dress according to their daughters’ choice. As a result the girls as a whole have become fashion conscious so much so that they have no time to think that the dress they have put on is decent or not. Similar is the case with youngmen. Wearing tight pants with latest hair-style and holding a cigarette in between the fingers they feel themselves very smart.


These fashion-loving young men and women never realise that they are wasting their precious time and energy which are to be used for study to make life brighter. They carry their packet combs to their classroom and comb their hair even in course of a lecture.

They put burden on their parents and spoil their hard-earned money. By and by they become the prey of bad habits. They start drinking as a mode of fashion and sometimes they even take drugs too.

The cinema and T.V. are the most important sources of fashion. They circulate the latest style of dress and hair among the youth. These fashions exercise strong fascination over them. Most of the cinemas and serials are exclusively based on fashion.

The female characters expose their body in minimum clothes while the male characters try to overpower the young minds sometimes with their hair styles, sometimes with their art of speaking, walking, attacking their enemies etc. All these are baseless.


Fashion no doubt is the uptodate mode of living. But one must be conscious of one’s culture and background. Everything is not acceptable everywhere. The fashion which we follow in our society is not mending for us. So it appears to be odd and instead of taking the young generation the right path it leads them to some kind of perversion and moral degradation.

Sometimes the young girls of our society are trapped in some bigger problem only, due to this excess of exposure which leads our society to corruption also. We must stop such practices by way of moral education and proper care to our young generation.

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