721 Words Essay on Fashion (free to read)


When the primitive cave dwellings have evolved into modern luxury apartments and the automobile industry is turning out sleeker car models every year, one cannot expect the apparel designs of man to have remained static. Like the dwelling place and the car, clothes too mark out a man’s status. Unlike the dwelling place and car, one takes his clothes wherever one goes. Therefore a man is as conscious of his clothes as of his status. It is natural for him to put his best foot forward.

So he always tries to present himself in the most attractive dress appropriate to an occasion. It requires a lot of time and mental effort to understand a man’s per­sonality but one can make a good first impression on others by the way he is dressed. In the competitive world of today, one is likely to strike a discordant note if one is out of fashion.

Variety is the spice of life. It adds to the joy and excitement of mankind. Fashion offers great variety in the field of human dress. Man is not only a social animal; he is gifted with a strong aesthetic sense. He loves beauty around him and also wants to look beautiful.


As it is through his body mainly that he interacts with the world around him, he wants to show himself to the best advantage. He adorns his body with the best of clothes that add to his charms. This is the main reason that the modern man has become highly fashion-conscious.

In this fast changing world, perhaps nothing changes faster than fashions. There is a humorous incident pertaining to fast changing fashion fads of Parisians, consid­ered to be the leaders in fashion.

A man after purchasing some garments from a shop was running towards his home, on being interrupted by an acquaintance, he clarified the reasons for being in haste. He told that fashion in Paris changed so fast that he would like his wife to wear her new dress at-least once before it became obsolete. This instance demonstrates the ludicrous extent to which fashion has gone these days.

Fashion relieves the monotony of mechanical routine of most people in the modern world. It presents a refreshing contrast to the uniform dress worn by security forces or school children. Uniform tries to impose an artificial unity by means of dress. Fashion is a protest against this shackling of human taste. Every human being has a distinct face with different features. It is the way of nature. Trying to clothe the variety o human appearance in uniform dress is going against the law of nature.


Different shade of color suit different individuals. Different shapes of dress add charm to the personality of different persons. It is in the fitness of things that a man wears what suits him know what conforms to the opinion of other persons or certain institutions. Unity of mankind should be attempted by promotion of compassion and love not by uniformity of dress one dreads to think of the scenario in the world of animals and plants if nature has imposed uniformity of color and shapes.

A garden owes its charms to the myriad shades of colours of flowers and plants. The jungle presents a great variety of animals with different kinds of furs and feathers. The colours and shapes of elegant clothes are compliments to human ingenuity. Fashion, too, should be promoted to enrich out life.

Fashion-designing has become a super-specialty. It is a lucrative profession too. Garments are designed to go with every mood of the individual and to fit in every occasion of life. There are different outfits for different hours of the day.

Sleeping comfort cannot be ensured by a formal dress worn for functions. There have to be specially designed outfits for swimming and for other sports like tennis, football and athletics. Many individuals have earned world fame as designers. Pierre Cardin, Ritu Beri, are household names in the world of fashion.


Fashion designers hire expensive models to market their apparels. This practice gives a great Phillip to health care and body fitness. Models have to keep themselves in shape by bodily exercises and work-outs. Fashion and modeling have generated a great enthusiasm among children and young people for physical fitness. This is a great gain to the human society.

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