Short essay for kids on a visit to a zoo


All living beings have the right to their freedom. Man, for his own amusement, has denied the animals and birds this right. If one visits a zoo, one can appreciate the plight of these innocent and helpless creatures, confined to their small cages. Recently I went to a zoo and saw the horrific state in which these creatures were imprisoned.

The cages were filthy and smelt as if they had not been cleaned for ages. The lions, whose free movements had been permanently checked, looked sick and irritable. The monkey’s cage had a solitary branch on which they were sitting gloomily and sowing morosely. It seemed that they had forgotten their usual antics and pranks.

The crocodile’s moat and the otter’s pool had no water. Many rare birds were recently eaten up by wild dogs in the zoo and it was now apparent how it could have happened. The cages of the birds were broken and they were an easy prey for predators.


Security was non-existent and some hoodlums were gleefully teasing the already tortured animals. Instead of providing entertainment, the visit sickened me. Man should learn to respect the freedom of animals, birds and reptiles and appreciate their beauty in their natural habitual.

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