217 Words Essay for Kids on a visit to the Delhi zoo


The word ‘Zoo’ is the short form of Zoological garden. A zoo is a place of great interest. It adds to our knowledge. We learn about the wildlife. A zoo is a place where animals are kept. There is a zoo in Delhi. It is situated on the Mathura Road.

It is just near the Old Fort. We can see different kinds of birds and animals in the zoo.

Last Sunday, I went there with two of my classmates. After buying the tickets we entered the zoo. There were stairs to go inside. The zoo is divided into two parts. We visited the cages where wild animals such as tigers, lions and leopards were kept in cages. We found a couple of tigers fast asleep in their cages. After that, we saw wild bears, monkeys, chimpanzees and rhinoes. I liked kangaroo and zebra very much.


We also visited the right hand side on the road where there were ponds. Ducks and swans were swimming in the pond. In the bird section, we saw sparrows, parrots, pigeons, peacocks and owls. They were of different colours. They chirped and cried all the time.

Next we saw children roaring with laughter and excitement during their thrilling elephant ride. Our visit to the zoo proved to be a very interesting experience.

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