Short essay for kids on a rainy day in summer


A Rainy day in summer makes the weather pleasant. One day, it was hot. There was no movement in the air. People were sweating, and to protect themselves from hot air they took shelter in their rooms under airconditioner and coolers. All of a sudden, clouds appeared. Soon, the whole sky was overcast.

It became dark. Lightning began to thunder. It began or rain. Children ran out in the streets and enjoyed the rain very much. It rained continuously for two hours. After the rain stopped, ground became slippery. Some of the people actually slipped. It made the bystanders laugh. In spite of all inconvenience, the people heaved a sigh of relief.

In India, it is very hot in the months of May and June. During these moths people remain indoors and they avoid going out. 24th June was the hottest day of the year. It is very hot day. There was no movement in the air.


The sky was clear. Everyone perspired from top to toe. Most of the people shut themselves up in the houses. They felt thirsty again and again. The rich took shelter under the airconditioner.

The poor used hand fans. But no one felt comfortable. There was no traffic on the roads. Six cases of heat stroke were reported on that day. There was a general cry for rain. Everyone seemed to be tired of life.

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