479 Words Short Essay on a rainy day in summer (free to read)


A Rainy day in summer always brings a lot of enjoyment for the people. In summer there are intense heat and hot winds. The scorching sun mars the efficiency of the people. They get tired very soon and like to stay indoors especially during midday. If such is the situation, a dark cloud or a shower of rain is always welcome.

It was the 20th of July. It was very hot in the night. Not a single member of the family could sleep well. But in the morning, as I got up, I found that a pleasant wind was blowing and clouds were gathering in the sky. My joy knew no bonds.

Soon there was lightning and thunder and within moments it started drizzling. It was really a veiy pleasant morning. Soon the drizzling turned into heavy rain. There was a beautiful smell of the earth in the air. People were mad with joy.


Their hearts were filled with delight. Little children were dancing in the rain. They were all getting wet. They were having fun in the rain. They were splashing water on one another. Some looked busy in floating paper boats in the running waters. It was very pleasant to watch their activities.

Rain brings great changes in nature. A few moments before everything were dry. The grass had become withered and insufficient. But as soon as it rained, nature took a fresh look. There were pools of water here and there. Houses and streets washed off their dirt.

Trees and plants took a new life. The grass now raised its head filled with water. The cuckoo started singing from mango trees and the peacocks started dancing to welcome rain. The frogs made a very pleasant noise after the rain. They began to croak.

By the afternoon the rain stopped. There was only a light drizzle. The clouds had nearly cleared by now and a beautiful rainbow had appeared in the sky. People especially small children were in double spirit now. They came out of the houses with bat and ball to play cricket.


The cattle that found grazing ground dry due to intense heat and had not sufficient water to drink now quenched their thirst and got enough greenery to fill their stomach.

Thus rain brought a welcome relief from the hot summer days. The weather became cool and pleasant. Now nobody was tired or in bad mood. Instead people were seen standing outside enjoying the cool breeze.

A rainy day in summer is really full of joy. It brings soothing effect on us. But it does not last for long. The clouds break up and the sun begins to shine even more brightly. And then again comes miserable situation the same intense heat, the same uneasiness, the same dryness. But nothing can be done. Nature is changeable and we have to face its various moods.

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