A morning walk in the most exhilarating and rejuvenating experience any one can have. It is a complete exercise, together with the inhaling of a huge stock of clean oxygen from the morning unadulterated air. Together with this, during the morning walk, a person sees nature in its exquisite form without any pollution from man’s handiwork. Thus, a morning walk can be defined as one of the finest jobs done by man in his daily routines.

This is the walk we must all take when the previous night is about to give charge to the new day, and the sun has not yet taken charge of the day from the night. The aura is calm and quiet, freshness complete, and the air absolutely clean and fresh.

The oxygen inhaled at this time serves as a reservoir the consumption by the body throughout the day. A morning walk is considered as the best mode of exercise especially for those above the age of forty, and for those who have a sedentary job. This is because those with sedentary jobs get no exercise at all, and only this much is what they can vouch for.

It is also the only time that they can get out of their daily schedules for a programme of exercises. Besides, a walk gives exercise to the whole body, it invigorates the blood vessels, energizes the entire system, thus making the body ready to face the daylong strife and turmoil.


The atmosphere is as quiet as quiet can be, the air is as fresh as fresh can be and the individual is all set for the day. With this lovely combination of sorts, a morning walk can be safely recommended as, one of the best known exercises for most people.

It clearly provides all the energy and freshness required as fuel for the day. Thus, I am personally of the view that all people irrespective of age must take this exercise as seriously and as meticulously as possible. It brings good health, a good waking mood sets the ball rolling for the bouts of the day.

During a morning walk the scene we normally come acre is very interesting. People of all ages, all complexions, all jobs are seen together at one single platform – the wall track. There are the young jogging their way on the try the old walking, some slowly, others briskly, child” running all over.

Oh! the sight is a treat to the moreover, the numbers of people out of their homes so in the morning gives the satisfaction to onlooker’s v they realize that, it means people are really getting ha conscious.


All people young and old, a request to you all – morning walk a part of your daily schedule, and all that is good and healthy will follow in its trail.