A morning walk is a complete exercise. It enables one to inhale huge stock of clean oxygen from the unadulterated air surrounding us. A person observes nature in pristine form unpolluted, apart from morning walk. A morning walk could be defined as one of the finest jobs done by man amidst daily choirs.

So, we must go on morning walk, when the previous night was about to roll over a new day, and the sun has not yet taken charge of the day from the night. The aura is calm and quiet, afresh, and absolutely clean and fresh air.

The oxygen inhaled often serves as the reservoir, which is consumed by the body throughout the day. A morning walk is considered as the best mode of exercise, especially for those above the age of forty, and for those, who have sedentary lifestyle. For, the sedentary lifestyle does not help in exercising of the body, and could vouch for mechanical routine.

It is also the time that they could get out of daily schedule for a programme of exercises. Besides, walking exercises the whole body; invigorates the blood vessels, energizes the entire system, thus making the body ready to face the day-long strife and turmoil. The atmosphere remains as quiet as it could be, the air is as fresh as could be and the individual is all set for the day.


With such lovely combination, a morning walk could be safely recommended as one of the best exercise for most of the people. It clearly provides the requisite energy afresh, required as the fuel per se. I believe, people should practice exercise as seriously as possible, irrespective of their age, bulkiness, and competence. It brings us good health, a good waking mood and sets the ball rolling for the day, in perspective.

During morning walk, the scene we come across normally would be rather interesting and fascinating. People of ages, complexions, and avocations were seen together at one single platform-the walking track. You will find the young jogging their way on the track, the old walking at normal pace, some tottering out, others moving brisk; leaving some children running all over. Oh, the sight could be a treat for the eyes. Moreover, the number of people out of their bed, so early in the morning gives the impression of how health- conscious the people have become.

Make morning walk, a part of your daily schedule. It brings cheer, warmth, and the requisite activity to remain hale, healthy and active.