I have many friends at home and at school. Of them, I consider Sunil as my best friend. Sunil studies with me in the same class. He sits by my side in the classroom. He helps me in all matters. If there is a quarrel or dispute between me and any other boy in the school, he always takes my side and stands by me.

Sunil lives with his parents near the hospital. His father is a doctor who has been provided with an office quarter. Sunil attends school by a bicycle, while I go there afoot, because my house is not far from the school. Sometimes, Sunil comes to our house after school hours; and my mother offers him Tiffin, as she gives it to me. We enjoy the food together.

Once I was very sick and was not able to attend school. Sunil heard the news and came to see me. Looking at my feverish face, he silently wept in pain. That day I knew how much he loved me.

On another occasion, as he had to leave for his native place during a vacation, he wrote to me every week, enquir­ing about my health and family. He has always been kind to me and keenly interested in my affairs.


I love Sunil, as he loves me. Whenever he goes for some days out of my sight, his absence pains me a lot, and I sit down with my pen and paper to write a letter to him.

Sunil is my only friend in need, a friend, indeed, and my best friend, too.