186 Words Essay for Kids on My Best Friend


I have many friends in my school. Out of them only Rohit is my true and sincere friends he is my best friend. I am, indeed, proud of his friendship.

Rohit has all fine qualities of head and heart. He is tall, healthy and handsome. He is a good in school sports as well as studies. He is all the more modest and polite because of them.

Rohit’s father is a doctor. His mother is a teacher. He belongs to a good family. He gets up early in the morning. He goes for a walk everyday. He wears simple clothes. He goes to his school in time. He is a hardworking boy. He is a kind and compassionate. He always stands first in his class. He helps the weak students in studies. He is an honest boy. He always speaks the truth. He is always cheerful.


I am so proud that I have such an ideal friend like Rohit. By his noble company and faithful friendship, my outlook and behaviour have been positively influenced. He is my friend, guide and philosopher. I like him very much.

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