623 words essay on Relevance of God


These days the very name of God calls for a sneer and it is believed that in these days of technical know- how and scientific advancement the myth called God has become irrelevant. It is understood and of course seen also that, man has conquered all, so much so even the process of giving life to the human.

So, where in this context does God fit? Is the modern scenario where man has reached the zenith of all knowledge of all that God has created where – yes, where does God come?

Yes, on the face of it, a layman can really be lead away to believe that now man is all in all and God is just a misnomer, for only religious fanatics or uneducated people to talk of and believe in.


Yes, it is undoubtedly a matter of great pride for man that he, with all his researches and studies, his technical advancement man has really achieved a lot.

However, the present point to be noted and understood is that, man has studied and understood a lot of what – a lot of what this so called God has made. At this point it is very pertinent for man to understand that, all that he has studied has not been created by man.

The hand that created it all is somewhere else. There is some creator of all the things that man has studied, understood, and experimented. Now the question that comes to the mind is that, if man has only studied and learnt a lot, who created the things that man has studied.

For this moot point we have to agree that, there must be a Creator. You may call the creator God, or call him anything that modernity allows, but the fact has to be accepted that there is some power that is not man whom we imagine and name him God.


He the modern man does not like the name of God, he is free to call him by-any name but he has to agree to the fact that a power does exist.

Besides this argument in favour of the existence of God, we all see that, in spite of all advancement technical and scientific, the power that is – gives one blow by way of a natural calamity and reminds man of his certain existence, and the limitations of man even now.

Once comes an earthquake, a flood, a tornado and man is reminded with the destruction around him. Even in these days of modernity when man is inclined to become too confident of himself and believe that God is simply irrelevant just then HE proves his existence by means of natural calamities.

From time to time, God keeps reminding man that all is not man’s; he also has done something for the making of this earth.


Thus, whether we like it or not, we have to accept that the existence of God is a fact – even to-day. There is some power that we have till now termed as God and he is the ultimate power. No matter how far and deep man goes in understanding God’s world, the reins of the future still remain beyond man’s control.

Thus we see that, when we have no control over the future, the future has to relate to some unknown power, call him God if you so wish. When, with so much of knowledge, man has still to depend to a large extent on the unknown power it remains without saying that, the power that is God can never become irrelevant.

God can never be belittled no matter how much man learns, understands, and does. God is still very relevant to the world and, will always be so.

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