Short essay for students on the relevance of god


The very name of God, these days, calls for sneer. It is believed that the myth called God has become irrelevant, during the era of technical know-how and advancement of science.

It is understood that man has conquered everyone on planet earth. So, where in this context does God fits in? In the modern scenario, where man has reached the zenith of knowledge where does God come?

Yes, on the face of it, a layman could really be lead away believing that man is everything and God is just a misnomer, for only religious fanatics or uneducated people to talk of and believe in. If the modern man dislikes the name of God, he is free to call him by any name, but has to agree to the fact that, despite advancement-technical and scientific- the natural phenomenon like natural calamity reminding man of his certain existence with some limitations.


Once comes an earthquake, a flood, a tornado, where the man is reminded of the colossal the destruction around. Even in the days of modernity when man is inclined to become too confident and believe God as simply irrelevant, he shall prove his existence through some kind of natural calamity.

From time to time, God keeps reminding man that all is not under the realm of man. He also has done something for the making this earth.

Thus, whether, we like it or not, we have to accept that the existence of God, as a fact. God is still very relevant, which would always be so.

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